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Default Re: How Good Is Lock Tite ?

Well, lemme put it to you this way.
There is a darned good reason why it is known as Harley-Davidson glue. ( I am a semi-retired Harley mechanic, 15 yrs exp.)
Nothing rattles and falls off while you are cruising down the road if you use Loctite.

A note of caution, Loctite needs clean, dry, oil and grease free surfaces to work properly.
I recommend cleaning the bolt or screw as well as the hole it threads into with brake cleaner and letting it dry thoroughly before applying Loctite.

Use #242 blue if you want to remove the fastener in the future.
Use #271 red if you want a nearly permanent installation. In most situations heat around 600F is required to unlock #271 red.
Really small screws should have Loctite 222 purple.

Do not use Loctite on the factory fasteners that come with the Chinagirl kits.
They are of such low quality that you will strip out the head of the screw or possibly snap the screw when trying to remove one that has had Loctite used on it.
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