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Default Re: Shifter Kit from

Installed my shifter kit...did have some problems, but Paul is so very eager to help... so glad to have this shifter kit. I would highly advise the optional things in the intruction manual, especially that angled aluminum thingy that attaches to the right side bearing plate. The engine does have a tendency to rotate sidewards towards the right, so that little aluminum thingy stabilizes it. Also, put thread locking on the key locks and screws. I lost one of mine on the small sprocket on the right side. Fabricated one key lock from a 6mm bolt, filed off the edges and squaring it.

I had installed and disinstalled about 3 times, because of some minor adjustments. Getting the correct chain line can be a hassle, especially if you use 125 mm cartridge brackets. Difficult but workable...

I use an 8 speed internal gear hub, but the engine can only accomodate until 6th. No power after that. I need to get one of those tuned pipes and a walbro carb...All in all it's great to have gears... can do about 60++kph. Sometimes, I'm even faster than other motorcycles with back passengers.
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