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Default Re: help a noob out.

Originally Posted by Hmann View Post
ive recently become interested in building a motorized bike. i have been looking for build kits on the internet but i am not sure what to buy. my main concern is speed and i would like to be able to crank as much speed out of one of these as i can. what should i buy?
Lookin for speed and power? most of these kits are limited to 2 to 3 HP and and only 6,000 RPM max. Go for a pocket bike engine, 48cc 7 to 8 HP 12,000 RPM. But you must reduce the RPM to have a workable torque, probably a jackshaft. And you'll also need some proper engine mounts...All the other parts like fuel tank and accelerator can be from the kits... You'll need a very sturdy frame like steel, cromoly, or titanium...

It might be more expensive, but it will be well worth it...
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