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Default Re: thats it, im done, I don't get it

Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
Lupe, you are the man!!! I wish I could help but I'm disabled, too.

HR, you tried SSI, right? Isn't Crohn's permanent? If it is then check for a Gov. list of ailements that qualify. I just have Carpel Tunnel in both wrists but is on the list of disabilities covered by SSI. In fact I got my SSI after only a 4 month wait, about 1/5th the time I've heard for others, I have no idea why. My X and sister-in-law both were over 20 months for bad back where they both had surgery and my X has to go through again

Hang in there, dude, things will get better...we hope and pray.
Dave, sorry to hear you have problems!
I had carpal tunnel surgery done 3 years ago, it did not work so i just ignore it, also have 5 disks bulging pinching some nerves, my left leg and arm are always numb and tingling, have seen 5 specialists but no one has been able to help, the strange thing is that i can walk and ride just fine, i ride my triumph rocket3 up to 1000 miles at the time with only minor discomfort, the docs can't figure out how i'm not in bed in extreme pain, i asked them if i need to quit riding and they say if no discomfort is present i can do whatever i want, i took that as a second chance and i decided to take full advantage of it, i plan on getting to the grave (when time comes which i hope is loooong time from now) with a fully used body and sayin whooohoooo, what a ride!!!!
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