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Default Re: thats it, im done, I don't get it

alright lemme back story this, im 18, i have severe crohns disease, im not able to work right now because of my ailments, I'm also not eligible for disability. I have literally 0 dollars to my name, i went searching on craigslist looking to trade all of my tools for something to get around on. I've had these bikes before, just as a toy though. i figure at 50mpg at the worst i can scrounge for gas so i can get to doctors appointments and such. I found a guy with 4 of these and offered my tools, he declined but offered for me to come work for him, i told him i may have to leave early because im sick, he said thats alright just as long as i make an effort. so I agreed. I agreed to put my self in a painful position because im living with my mother right now and she works 50 miles away and cant always get me to appointments, she also pays all my docor bills and houses me and my brother. so i can't just get a kit out of the box. I also cant afford to replace anything, i have to make do with nothing at all at this point. maybe someday ill have my ilness in check and finances to play with but for now i have to cut my losses and find something more reliable
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