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Default Re: Mixing Castrol r30 castor with synthetic oils

Hello all!
My first post on the forum, I have built a mountain bike with a chinese engine (67cc) in it so far about 3/4 gallon of gas used. On my first tank used Walmart Super tech 2 stroke at 20:1 but the plug quickly became caked in carbon although the bike ran and did not foul. Second tank switched to Maxima Castor 927 at 20:1. Noticed a smoother engine almost immediately. Plug comes out a nice dark tan. Maxima 927 is a 20% mix of castor and the rest synthetic esters and additives. I love the smell. Read somewhere Castor mixed with even a small amount of "Dino" oil will cause problems, but article never said what problems anybody know the issue with the mixing here? People have been mixing their own oil for years in the RC field.
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