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Default Re: The Pocket Bike Engine and Your Opinion...

The four stroke engine mount is the easiest way that I can think of to mount these babies. I know these engines are a bit wide same as the 4 stroke. Nothing like a wide crank can easily solve. Or since these engines are smaller, I think it can be easily mounted a little higher than the cranks, or use shorter cranks. I am a little bit concerned on the amount of torque that can be harvested from these engines, that the freewheel crank might not be able to handle. I do plan to use a more heavy duty one-way bearing cranks, but have to find a machine shop that can do this.

For safety, I think either a steel, Cromoly, or titanium frame should only be used for this. I hope I can find a very good frame for this or find someone who can customize frames. Disc brakes are a must.
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