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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by fatdaddy View Post
Hey Big, I don't see how loosening the nut would make yer engine start easier, one has nothing to do with the other UNLESS clutch was slipping, then TIGHTENING it would help, not the other way around. And the only way it would help the idle is if the clutch was not fully disengaging and dragging at the engine when the lever was in..
And then there's the kill switch. I'm just goin, HUH, WHAT THE---?????
NO WAY IN THE WORLD would adjusting the flower nut make yer kill switch work better. Think about everything you said, trace it in your head as to WHAT can ACTUALLY affect WHAT.
Not tryin to be an A**, but again, think hard about it. Taking the clutch adjustment OUT would not affect any of these things.
Ok, the clutch was too tight. It wasnt disengaging completely, and thats what was causing it to not idle correctly. Have you ever hit your killswitch with your clutch engaged? It doesn't shut off the engine. So the clutch not disengaging completely could definitely cause the killswitch to not work properly. Here is how I theorize that the clutch being too tight could cause starting issues. There are two springs that work the clutch, an outer spring behind the clutch plate and an inner spring inside the engine case. These springs push in opposite directions. when the outer spring is slack, the inner spring is tight. Too much tension on the outer spring will cause too much tension on the inner spring, causing some slipping. At least this is my theory. I do know that my clutch would slip a lot when I would try to start it, and it was worse the colder it got. When I went to adjust the flower nut, I locked the clutch lever in place and removed the cover. Before I adjusted the flower nut, I puhed on the clutch plate and it was tight up against the pads. It didnt budge a nano-millimeter. So if the clutch plate was right up against the pads, then it wasn't disengaging properly. Whether I am right about how the springs work or not (which I could be, I'm not 100% sure on that), my clutch was definitely too tight. One thing I do know is that previous to making the adjustment, my engine would jerk sometimes when I would go to start it, taking off for a second or two, then almost dying, and doing that a few times until the engine would warm up. My theory on that is that maybe a cold clutch can slip if its too tight. But after loosening the flower nut today, I went around the corner and dumped the clutch and she kicked like a mule and took off instantly. No jerking, no starting and stopping. Also, the last time I started it, I tested my theory about the killswitch by pulling the clutch lever clear in to the handlebars and flipping the killswitch, and the engine died instantly. This was before adjusting the flower nut. If I tried the killswitch with the clutch lever locked, I would always have to hit it twice. Now that the flower nut is properly adjusted, I only have to flip the switch once. I can also hear the difference in the rpms at idle now. When the clutch was too tight, if I locked the clutch lever, the engine would sound too quiet, and when I pulled the lever all the way in, it would sound like normal. Now it sounds like a normal idle when I lock the clutch lever
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