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Default UK Laws.. Ways around ? Stealth/discuise

I have been considering buying an 80cc engine for my cycle off of eBay.. Just a cheap chines one to begin with.

I would like to use the cycle for commuting predominantly but here in the UK you need to have registered a cycle and need a licence insurance tax etc.

I'm looking to see advice on making the bike less conspicuous.

What options do I have?

I was thinking that possibly silencing the exhaust/intake enough so that if any police were around they wouldn’t notice the loud noise and assume you were a cyclist.

Or building a box to cover the engine so that it looks like an electric cycle?

Another option I just thought about was buying a rear rack mounted engine, again silencing it as much as possible but then 'disguising' the engine with some modified panniers to house the engine. (With sufficient air inlets to keep it cool.

Has this done before?
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