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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Wickedest1 View Post
I've run into the same issue before, different application but same problem...use a nail or screw and hammer into the hole making a groove for the drill bit to catch and it should work...if not go smaller on the bit, then larger...if that doesn't work try calling superman to burn thru with his laser eyes...good luck sir
Nails and screws will not work on metal , for wood, yes but for metal You need a center punch . You should not even have a drill without one. When drilling through steel, make a dent in the center of your hole with the punch. Then drill a much smaller hole first . This is called a pilot hole. You can even drill a second one, being a little larger. You do not need a drill press for that.

One more thing . This is very importent !! Use cutting fluid or threading oil, or you will burn that bit to nothing and will have to sharpen it.!!!
P.S. Center punches are very very common and u can get them at your local hardware.

It is obvious that you are a beginner cause you did not drill a pilot and you burned up your bit but thats okay . We all had to start somewhere, and you are doing a good job cause yopu are almost through.
Very Importent: WEAR SAFTEY GLASSES !!! All it takes is just one tiny little hot chip or kernal to screw you up real bad!!! I'm surprise that nobody here has told you this.

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