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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Originally Posted by bikeman8 View Post
i fixed the problem of the tensioner moving by attatching it to the top wheel brace/mount instead of the bottom, that way it pulls it tight and cant move, it does move very little tho, i fixed that problem by attatching a bolt in the idler wheel slide and attatching a guitar spring to it and the lower frame, ill try and get pics in a bit.
This is a tip you might want to avoid. A chain tensioner is just an easy way to make up for chain and sprocket wear on the slack side and never something you want to put on the power side of a drive train.

If your drive chain gets tight and then loose your sprocket is not true and no tensioner in the world is going to fix THE crucial part of an motorized bicycle drive train, that being the rear sprocket being true on all 3 planes and if you are lucky you never need some POS tensioner at all to keep your drive chain true and tight.
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