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Default Re: How are most bikes stolen on this forum

It sucks having to leave any bike out in the open for any extended amount of time especially a motorized one and thankfully I seldom have to but say for a 15 minute trip in a grocery store I wheel it right inside and put on a cheesy lock on it.

It would take pretty ballsy thief to try to take it from inside especially when most every grocery store I go to has a camera on the door.

For convenience stores it is most likely different here, the fronts are all glass so I can keep an eye on it.

Regardless it is a good idea to put the bike in the highest gear it has when you stop to make it difficult to pedal for the 'jump on a ride away' thief, disengae the clutch to make it even harder, and put something in-line with the electrical so they can't get away with motor power.

I have my own epoxyed on 4 tumbler cash register key switch cover I put on the the CDI so even they do get away with it they will need a new CDI to make it run as it self destructs if you try to take it apart but that is another story I have already told here.

I actually welcome the day I can easily chase down some punk thief thinking he can ride off on my personal ride, if he isn't in a coma he'll think twice about trying it again ;-}
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