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Bill, that's true even without the motor because A) people tend to install them wrong a lot B) since they're universal, it's easy to accidently buy one in the wrong diameter. I made sure mine were nice and snug though and I did a lot of "tests" to make sure I'm as safe as I can. The ride quality definitely suffers when it comes to bumps, but I hate getting stuck. I even carry a small tool kit that can maintanence virtually any part of the bike in case of trouble. Can anybody recommend some good tires/tubes? I was probably gonna get something that is kevlar lined and use the extra thick slime brand tubes...

I'm really having fun with thing though. With the RT carb I really have to watch my speed now. I put in the 70 jet to start out with because it seemed to be the best option for most people. One strange thing I did notice though is that the NT carb responded to the boost can a lot better than the RT carb did. The RT carb actually bogs a little with the can.
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