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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

So you're disabled?? Well so am I . Yep, after years in welding shops, loading docks, construction sites, oil tool machining plants, line pipe coating plants, even helping the midway with their rides during temp lay offs, 7 times with their giant wheel alone, oil well sucker rod recon. etc, I ended up tin bashing sheet metal in Gov. office buildings. Then wham!!!
At home I had an accident critical head injury - double skull fracture - full front brain contusion- nose would not stop dripping brain fluid for 3 days. Witnesses told me that the cops could not get me in the ambulance.
In the hospital I found taser marks all over my body. It was all because of wiskey. I do not drink anymore. Any way, Iv'e red lots of your posts and sometimes you will get some customers that will drive you up the wall and some customers will have nothing but praise for you and actually talk your head off gabbing about all the experiences they've had and all the modifications they made.
You know what really gets to me??? I spend time and energy making my bike video, and not even one reply.
Whats with that dude that we have been trying to help??? Not a word from him lately. If we did not care, we would not have been trying to help him.
Any way, check this out . Your gonna laugh. Here is a link. I go by the name Buuba Neggley in this forum and the kayak forum also.
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