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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

ok well the flying horse came in yesterday...around 2 pm in her up and running by 6...sooooo quiet...great power...looks great...out of the box i had some fuel filter, no clutch cable and get this after getting her on the bike and everything all set she wouldnt disengage from during my down time i did quite a bit of research and just happened to remember that i watched a video on how to adjust the clutch if it was too tight...removed the flower nut, friction plate only to find there was no return spring for the friction plate...luckily i still had the parts from my old kit...threw in the spring, tightened the flower nut and she fired first time with almost no pedaling involved...took her to the auto parts place where they know me and when i walked in they asked where the bike was and i pointed outside...the comments were amazing...this kit really is a pretty kit...nice grips too... pics to come soon...

Thats a lot of moving parts...hope it all works...
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