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Default Re: First build Genesis Two Nine MTB

Originally Posted by borntofli View Post
some apehangers and a layback seat post and it would be a comfortable ride.....
I had been thinking about the seat post idea myself, but the ape hangers are just not my style. Maybe some swept back board track style handlebars instead. Might be a sexy little combo. But that's all wants and not needs. There will be plenty of time for those sorts of fun things on the other builds I do when I inevitably become hopelessly addicted to this hobby.

Although, if I install that style seat post, would I still be able to install a rear pannier and rack? Or would that post get in the way? Also I'm going to install a little 6v red button light on the rear of the seat post and wire it up to the 6v lead just like the headlight I have on this. Oh by the way, before I forget. The Genesis Two Nine has this cresent bar thing that looks like its used to mount caliper brakes on it if you want. Works PERFECT for mounting a cheesy little 6v light set like the one I bought with the generator (which will NEVER see my bike).

Might just go with a cruiser style saddle and a suspension seat post for the cost aspect. More worried about making the engine and transmission reliable before I go all out.
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