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Default Re: First build Genesis Two Nine MTB

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
Trust me, if you've got the skill to build a nice motor bicycle like this, you have more than enough skill to tap a little old hole lol.
Thanks for the encouragement! I did all that with a ten dollar socket set my fiance picked up at one of those discount everything basement warehouse outlets and the few small hand tools I have lying around. Well, I did need to hop on the bench grinder in my mother in laws shed to break the chain. First time grinding metal of any kind, that wasnt sharpening a knife by hand, and I was quite startled with the amount of sparks that came shooting off that thing. But the burn from them was nothing like a grease splatter from a hot frying pan!

Its not the work that scares me most, its the material im working with. I took wood shop in high school so i'm comfortable with a lot of different tools, but wood is much more predictable to me. Metal sort of remains a mystery. But I guess I'll never learn if I dont give it a shot. I'll take as best a pic as I can of the damage and see what y'all recommend.

I don't even have my own drill or anything. I carry all my tools in my backpack whenever I go riding. Trust me, ALL my tools! and five feet of 3/8" chain and a beefy ass masterlock. Also always have a waterproof outer shell jacket stuffed in there in case of rain. Right now I'm wearing my brother-in-laws ATV helmet. But I'm going to save up for a nice 3/4 moped helmet and anti-fog goggles that fit around my wretched glasses.
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