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Default Re: What’s Best Equip. for Car Carrying Motorized Bike?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Nope Spider, no issues. I do tie the front wheel to the frame so it doesn't flail and some extra strapping to hold the bike against the bumper. But works fine.

But would be real careful to check the max load. All my 4 strokes are around 100 lbs.

My better half is in the veterinary field. So I weigh my bikes on their dog scales.

No kidding, I really did drive from Hartford, CT. to Delaware with a china girl/point beach on one I paid $5 for. LOL, was terrified the whole way down but worked. Trip back was way calmer.
Haha right on yeah i would be heartbroken if i saw my bike tumbling behind me on the freeway. i didnt relize the 4 stokers weigh so much
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