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Default Another New Hobby

As if I haven't had enough hobbies, looks like motorized bike will be my next adventure. I mean I had seen motorized conversions before years ago, but they always looked custom fabbed and clunky. Then last week I see a guy in front of me zipping through traffic in downtown on a motorized bike and I was sold. Looked them up that night on the computer and definitely impressed with how far the concept has gone. I'm sold.

I've got a 2007 Gary Fisher Marlin that I hardly ever ride which would make a good candidate I think. Only issue is it has rear disc brakes which as I understand, would have to either replace with classic v-brakes or get a top hat sprocket adaptor which actually sounds like the way to go for zero wobble, sturdy rear sprocket setup. Apparently with the top hat adapter I can still retain my rear disc brake but not exactly sure how that works out. Yup, also a CA resident which means I need to do a little work to get a hold of a 2-cycle kit. But have located a few dealers who supposedly will ship to CA regardless, or heard of some who state online that they cannot ship to CA, but if you place an order they show up anyways. One reason to hate CA is the beyond stupid CARB restrictions.

Very mechanically inclined and love projects like this so definitely looking forward to doing a build. Also could definitely use this to save gas and commute to work during nice weather as I am only about 7 miles each way on side streets from work. Will post up once everything has been purchased and when starting the build.
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