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Default Re: What’s Best Equip. for Car Carrying Motorized Bike?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
LOL @ some of the suggestions,

I have one like this that I have had for a few years. I paid $5 for it at a church yard sale.

The swing arm allows it to go on a regular car trunk or on a hatchback/near vertical. I have used mine on a few different kinds of cars and works well on all. Did a 1,700 mile trip with a china girl build and a bunch of short runs with HF 79cc builds. 70 to a little over 100 lbs.

Would be sure to check it's max weight!
Youve had no issues with this Dan? like bars bending,bike hopping up and down while driving, or trunk door bending? I have an integra and can fit my 4 stroke in there barely with the front wheel off and handle bars out the window so i was looking for an easier way to travel
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