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Default Re: help, chain, sprocket

New wheel and new engine position. Sounds like a chain line problem.

Is your sprocket dished? If so, you may have reversed it when you mounted it to the new wheel. Whenever I install a sprocket I usually true the rim, true the sprocket, true the rim, etc. My sprockets are not dished, BTW.

Is this on a single speed cruiser with a coaster brake or a multi-speed with derailler? A multi-speed hub with no derailler? All these rear wheels have a different dish. The dish could affect the chain line.

Did you happen to change the type of rear wheel? Change to a wider rim? If so the chain line might change depending on type of wheel, spacers, etc.

Check the chain line with a string from the outside of the drive sprocket to the outside of the rear of the wheel sprocket. There should be no gap or angle in the string at the front of the wheel sprocket. Or just look down the run of the chain from the back. It should run true over both sprockets.

Yes, pictures would help. Show the chain climbing on the sprocket and the run of the chain from the rear.

We'll all get you fixed up.

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