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Default Re: small spring behind cutch plate?

Originally Posted by obadboystanley View Post
You guys know that small spring that comes behind the clutch plate. I believe its held by the flower nut.
Well my motor didn't come with one.
my flower nut came loose and fell off. When I retightened it I noticed the spring wasn't there. From what I read all the spring does give the plate tension. Should I get one? Or ill be fine without it?
I really don't want to mess with the flower nut. Since my clutch lever is smooth as butter unlike before were u needed a Hercules grip to desingage it.
That spring is to keep the clutch plate from rattling around, thats all. A riding partner of mine got an engine without that spring and rode it for 2 years like that, no problem. The clutch, when ingaged, has a heavy internal spring to hold it tight against the pressure plate and pads. Only when disengaged the smaller spring, ( the one you're missing,) comes into play to help hold out the plate to keep it from rattling against the pads. It will run fine without it.
P.S. The flower nut should have a locking screw to keep it from backing off.

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