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Default Re: "Winter MBing, tips and tricks"

I love the cold. Down here in the panhandle of fl, i don't ride much during the summer cuz it gets so hot. In the hottest days of summer, if you leave a old basketball or old soccer ball out in the sunlight it'll explode from the expanding air inside it! awesome!

If its below 55F i usually wear an undershirt, then a nice cotton sweater with a wind breaker jacket that has a thin cotton inner layer and jeans. My feet never get cold so i always wear the ankle socks. For my head i wear a hat that has the fake fur on the ear flaps. For being fake fur, it sure does keep my ears warm. II wear full gloves(not mittens). Ive tried riding without gloves last winter and the fingers got a bit stiff. Hard to use the clutch, and brakes. lol

We keep getting cold fronts then it'll warm up to like 78 but i think thats going away and winter is finally here. Every morning for the past week its been ~50F then it'll warm up to 55-60. A few times it'll get cooler cuz we get a few rain clouds. The weather specialists can't predict what the highs are. Last friday, they said it would be a low of 48F and a high of 65F. It never got above 55F.

When my family drove up close to Buffalo New York in the middle of winter years ago(8+years ago), it was the first time us kids had seen snow. My grandma is a yankee. We loved playing in the snow. Our great grandmothers neighbor had a above ground pool, and in the winter, it was a sold cylinder of ice. We'd crawl under the electric fence run across cow pastures, have snow ball fights, make snow angels, attempt to make snowmen. We went skiing and tubing for the first time at Kissing Bridge. We all loved it. Good memories. All the places we went, family trips were the greatest times of our young lives.
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