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Default Re: Now I Have Two Half Frames!!!

Originally Posted by BoDean_LP View Post
I was riding my China Girl powered beach cruiser the other day. As it grew darker outside, I stopped and connected the headlight to the HT's white wire. Not more than ten blocks down the road, the motor died. I checked a few things and found that there was no spark. Checked all the wiring inside and out, disconnected the lights, kill switch, etc. All seemed well, so the diagnosis was a blown CDI.

I flipped the bike over for some reason or other and heard a cracking sound. Having no idea what that sound was, I decided to pedal home. I immediately noticed that the bike was almost uncontrollably wobbly. I checked the wheels tires, etc. I found a small crack where the bottom tube connects to the steering head. So, I started pushing her home. Before I made it to the end of the street, the entire steering tube and top bar broke loose from the bottom half of the bike.

I carried it like this for a few blocks until I could find a good hiding spot for it. I stashed it behind some bushes at some public building, then walked home to get the car. Looks like I'll be mounting the kit on my old FD frame.
looks like a good opportunity to make a ssttrreecch cruiser frame
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