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Default Woot! Got my tank decals...

Found a kiosk in a neaby mall that was making vinyl stickers. Figured it'd be a complicated process and have to provide a vector graphics file of the design, I just took a blurry, 1", greyscale copy from my printer of the design with me so we could figure out what I'd need when I probably had to come back. At least that's how it went at the big vinyl sticker business I visited another time.

The guy scanned my blurry copy and up on the screen popped a vector graphic of the design. We took another 5 min. moving the vector lines to clean up the image and ta-da..handed the guy $27.00 and done deal. Got 2 large 8" stickers and 4 smaller ones all included in the price. Just had to sit around for 20 min. before it was cut out and ready to put on my bike.

Wow! What a difference tank art makes on a bike. I was STOKED!

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