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Question The Pocket Bike Engine and Your Opinion...

Ok, so I've been posting bits and pieces of questions and info about these 47cc pocket bike engines all over the place and I thought I would wrap it all up into one dedicated thread.

Just as a precursor, and although I appreciate the concern, I've pretty much got the mounting and gearing all figured out. I plan on rack mounting the engine and running it to a jackshaft just like the SBP kit and then to a freewheel crank just like the SBP kit and then back to my hub gears just like the SBP kit.
What I'm hoping we can do with this thread is lay down some solid experiences with these pocket bike motors and determine what kind of reliability one can expect from them.

Some of the advantages to these engines is that they are cheap, have incredible parts availability, can be upgraded like crazy and they look cool to boot.
Some disadvantages, well, I don't really know. That's what I'm trying to figure out. I pretty sure this engine in particular does not have a cast iron sleeve like the GXH50 (which is my other option) so it probably wouldn't last quite as long, but I wouldn't be surprised if you could find an upgraded cylinder with a sleeve considering how many parts are available for these things.

In summary, what do you think? Have you owned one either on a pocket bike, a motorized bike or anything else for that matter? What can you say about the characteristics of these engines, are they powerful, are they reliable or are they just plain finicky pieces of junk?

It's waiting on your opinion that keeps me up at night, so please drop a line if you've got some time..hey that was almost a rhyme!

Thanks for any help, you guys are great!
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