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Default Installed my dual brake lever

Nice. Really nice. Installed with ease, and actually was very easy to adjust, balance wise - obviously lots of balance to the rear. I highly recommend this outfit:

Bicycle Brake Lever Dual Pull Front Rear Black TP232 - eBay (item 140174175112 end time Mar-28-08 21:18:10 PDT)

Thanks to cruiser!

Also, I'm using my old existing front brake lever (left) as my clutch lever. That is cool - nice big throw. My existing Shimano Exage levers are nice - I hated to give up my right (rear) one, but it's worth it for the dual pull. (but is the shorter aluminum variety). Now for clutch holding I use the cut hunk of inner tube per you guys.

My bike is getting sweeter all the time. I just need this bad boy:

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