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Default Re: V8 engine on a bicycle? anyone? Seriously...

Originally Posted by Merlin View Post
one day I'd love to put one in a little motorbike frame.
All through Asia there's millions of motorbikes from 100 - 250CC, It would be really something to put a 100CC V8 in one of those. Obviously it would take some major headache solving - [transmission? shaft drive?] etc etc, but it would be unique.

I'll say it again: I wonder what it would sound like?
Ahhh... yes, but that is the great thing about it, it's the challenge...on how we can put this beast into a frame and enjoy all the things it can give... the roaring engine, the exhilirating speed... i can just dream about it...

I think a shaft drive on those chainless bicycles would be a good combination with this beast. The shaft drive can come in an 8 speed internal geared hub.
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