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Default Ahdunno's Intro

I'm a noob to this. I've been browsing the forum for a few days now, gathering info for my first build. I read over the Thread about BFG, some of the sparkplug tips and perused the Swap forum too. All good stuff.

I'm located in Florida, so I'll have good riding weather. I'm looking to put something together for some cheap transportation until I save enough for headgasket repair or a different vehicle. But the more I browse the more fun this seems it's going to be, I also saw some links and reference to Felt and Sporstman Flyer that were interesting. I like skipu's chain tensioner too.

I'm trying to contact a member with a kit for sale as well. If some has a 66cc China kit for cheap that's in good condition, shoot me a PM. I'm looking to buy on Friday and if nothing comes up I'll probably eBay a kit from BGF

Anyways, thanks to all for the aforementioned info found here.
Happy Trails...
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