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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?


Thanks for all the advice. I'm gonna be makin' a trip to the parts store soon.

I'm going to use JB Weld to fill the gap on the rear mount, which will hopefully keep the frame from getting cut in half. I'm thinking, perhaps having the muffler U-bolt mount will change the mounting angle enough to straighten the rear mount. We'll have to see. I could really use a smaller crank sprocket. It's got a 7-1/2" on there right now. If that wasn't in the way, the motor would sit just right. I'm thinking about swapping my spacer to the rear mount to see if that would make things better. Whatever I do, I'm not gonna ride until I know I've got everything secure. I don't want to snap another frame.

On another note, I just contacted this guy
( ) to see what he'd be willing to trade for his nice OCC build. It looks like a 4-stroke. Hopefully he's into guitara and amps, because I've got several nice ones to trade.

I'm pretty sure I've seen him blasting around town. It may not have been him, but it was a similar bike. Same bike or not, I couldn't catch whoever it was. I was on a 30cc FD that couldn't do over 25.

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