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All of his engines for a while now are the new ones from a new factory. They look the same from the outside.

Sounds like you are new to these engines. Make sure you do lots of research on this forum for little hints and tips. They run really well if you know a bit about how they work so you can keep adjusting small things.

Basic advice from me:

Get a bike with a narrow diameter frame so that you can mount the engine without using the adaptor bracket.

Make sure the bike is serviced well.

The back wheel drive sprocket need to be put on really well its a bit fiddly but make sure the bolts are all tightened the same amount and to the same distance screwed in so it runs without a wobble.

Make sure the chain idler is running straight and tightly bolted, the back forks are on and angle so you have to bend it slightly. If this idler comes loose and flips into the spokes its bad news.

Make sure all the bolts are tight but not over tight.

You don't need many tools to do all of this just some mechanical 'Intuition'. If you are not confident then find someone to help you install it.
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