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Before you make the jump I'd suggest looking through forum threads and get a better idea of the ups and downs of the automatic. Not that many people have them as they are less available and of course cost more. Some really like them and have had no trouble. I liked the one I had just fine until it no longer grabbed and I just sat there revving the motor and going no place. The problem is that the clutch is not keyed to the crankshaft so if it loosens a bit then it will wear so that it no longer grabs. That is what happened to mine and I spent a good bit of time and effort trying to cut a key-way so I could use it again. Unfortunately I had already purchased a second automatic before the first one gave out and the second one never did work from day one. A truck fire burned both of them up so I have kept my distance since.

I bought mine from BoyGoFast and some people have had good luck with them and problems resolved without hassle. In spite of being cordial and persistent I never got satisfaction and ended up with two dud motors. I was out a lot of money and time and aggravation, so have had nothing to do with BGF since. Others have been more fortunate or didn't have problems. I don't know who else handles the automatic, but if there is a seller who will stand behind his product I'd pay a little more up front as insurance. When they work, they're great. Do some research. Maybe somebody is selling them now with a keyed shaft. That would make a big difference. I believe there are also kits for converting your standard to automatic. Look around and tell us what you find out. And good luck.
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