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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by fatdaddy View Post
Did ya open up the intake before ya put the carb on. Even the gasket they give ya is too small. The flange thats welded to the intake tube can be filed out and opened up A LOT, and the gasket to match. And as long as you have the intake off, check the intake port. A lot of times it's not really as smooth as it could be, The casting is always jagged. better air/fuel flow may just solve the top rev problem.
And OH YEAH, No rev limiter on the CDI. When was the last time ya changed yer spark plug?
yea i did all that on the intake side, even a little on the exhaust flange, it wasnt too bad to start with but i dremeled it all out anyways...

edit: good thinking on the plug, its a nice plug (ngkb6hs) and it has around 300 miles on it i would guess, ill pull it and take a peek at it

Originally Posted by VIKTR View Post
Looks sweet

I'll take the old pipe off your hands if you're not going to use it haha
thanks, yea you can have it if you want, i had to use the muffler and the flange for the head but the chamber itself and a few inches of pipe on either side are all still intact

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