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Default Re: Hi from down under

to be honest, the chances of being nabbed by the police are very low. I live in perth, W.A where the laws are the same, 200watts or less. the thing is, most cops don't have a darn clue about these engines and their power output. In my experience all you have to do is be extremely polite, always call them sir or officer, and bull**** some long mechanical complicated explanation about how the engine is ony 189watts ect. but usually (at least where i've been) the cops are generally nice and don't care as long as you don't blast down the road at 90kph in front of them, keep it quiet and don't piss off people or neighbours. I've been stopped multiple times on my current bike, a water-cooled Morini S6-C 12+hp engine that revvs to 14k and does 90-100kph. almost every time they were just curious about the bike. Don't act nervous, be nuce and show a little bit of pride in your ride if they're interested. if that doesn't work you could put a large ball valve between the carb and engine, when your riding it have it open and when your pulled over or whatever have it 3/4 closed and that should limit the power greatly.
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