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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by fatdaddy View Post
Hey BoDean, Sounds like you were in a little bit of a rush putting it together. I mean, an exhaust, a wheel and a motor mount all in one trip. I've been riding mine close to a year and I've only had to tighten up a motor mount ONCE. Other than flats, which aren't mechanical failures, I've had very little problems with my bike. I didn't use locktite either. I know it is a recomended thing, I just didn't. I think you know now that perhaps you should take some time to go through every nut, bolt and bracket on yer baby and just make sure everything is snug.
Road side repairs are sometime unavoidable, but it still bites when it happens.
Good Luck,
I appreciate your advice. You're right, I threw it together rather quickly, but trust me, I've snugged every nut and bolt many times. I do a rather complete check each time I get ready to set out on a ride. I didn't have these problems on my last frame, but the geometry of this frame is slightly different. The front mount has to have a spacer between it, and the rear mount sits at an angle, thus only making contact along one edge. Any other angle, and the motor hits the pedal sprocket. I need a smaller sprocket, or a proper front mount to eliminate all the excessive vibration. The only thing I had to use as a spacer was part of the old chain tensioner. It doesn't sit right at all.

I'm just using what I've got right now. I've currently got ZERO funding. I'm having to borrow $3 here and there to put gas in it. I think I'm doing alright with what I've got, I just need to make some major improvements when the resources are available.
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