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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by BoDean_LP View Post
Speaking of mag gaskets, I just cut a new one from a roll of gasket maker I had laying around. My last gasket shredded last time I opened the mag cover.

I rode about 5 miles to my storage shed today, and had a couple little problems before I made it home. On the way there, one of the nuts that hold the exhaust on vibrated off. I didn't notice until the other side loosened enough to let the muffler separate from the motor. Things got real loud real fast. Luckily there was a nice pull-off area next to a railroad track, so I just pulled over there and luckily had a 10 mil nut with me.

So, made it to the storage shed, loaded up two laptop-style bags full of miscellaneous items I've been needing, grabbed my helmet (definitely been needing that), and headed home. The chain started grabbing about 1/4 of the way home, so I pulled over to find that there was about 2.5" of slack in the chain. (This is why I bring a specific set of tools every time I ride.) Adjusted the rear wheel, and took of again. Got about half way home and noticed that my left pedal arm was hitting the motor. I was like, WTF? So, I stopped again and found that I had a bolt missing from the front motor mount!!! This time I didn't have the necessary bolt to replace it, so I just made sure all the other bolts and nuts were tight and headed home. I was shaken pretty badly on the way, but I made it home under power and in one piece.

Okay, so I know I seriously need some loctite. Then I won't have to worry so much about losing nuts and bolts. Regardless, this has inspired me to add a collection of nuts and bolts to my riding tools. A few motor mount studs, a bunch of 10mm nuts, several 10mm bolts, and any other commonly loosening fasteners that I can think of. I mean, that ONE 10mm nut that I had today kept me from having to call my significant other to come pick me up. (Oh, um, I still have to tighten my pedal chain, so I couldn't have pedaled home.)

Oh oh oh, I almost forgot . . .

When I took the muffler off, or should I say, when the muffler FELL off today, I noticed something very important. There was a big sloppy piece of metal blocking about HALF of the exhaust pipe!!!! I guess in my rush to get the bike running, I forgot to even LOOK inside the pipe before I installed it. So, I took my handy-dandy flat head screw driver and got to work on breaking out the remains of the crappy weld job. I cleared out about a dime size piece of weld schlag that was JUST thin enough to chip out with a screw driver. I've wondered why the expansion chamber didn't seem to help at all. I also wondered why I had like zero throttle response, no take-off power, and just overall fuddy-duddy performance. Hill climbing nearly brought me to a stop. After putting everything back together, I could finally out-accelerate traffic again. Wow, I mean, just wow. Stupid Chinese (lack of) quality control. Still, it's my fault that I didn't QC the pipe before I installed it.
Hey BoDean, Sounds like you were in a little bit of a rush putting it together. I mean, an exhaust, a wheel and a motor mount all in one trip. I've been riding mine close to a year and I've only had to tighten up a motor mount ONCE. Other than flats, which aren't mechanical failures, I've had very little problems with my bike. I didn't use locktite either. I know it is a recomended thing, I just didn't. I think you know now that perhaps you should take some time to go through every nut, bolt and bracket on yer baby and just make sure everything is snug.
Road side repairs are sometime unavoidable, but it still bites when it happens.
Good Luck,
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