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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by fatdaddy View Post
Yeah BoDean, 1/8th turn. BEEN THERE. I was out riding with Ocho Ninja a little over a week ago. I had just rode the bike the day before, so when it started vibrating I thought, OH CRAP, Somethings gone very wrong with the China Girl. My butt was vibrating like my girlfriends,uh, well, never mind that.... So we cut the ride short, I rode it home and started thinking about it. YEP, 1/8th turn, DONE.
P.S. By the way, you're not allowed to say CRAP on the other site. It'll get bleeped.
Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
That is a good album by a band called Tesla too.

Today I swapped my bars, only to end up swapping them back. The old bars don't feel the same on my new frame. I also fixed my gas cap. One of the little tabs had retracted inside the cap. It was like a puzzle getting it back out. Had to use THREE TOOLS AT ONCE, which was pretty difficult, me having only two hands and all. I noticed that my chain is rubbing the chain-stay. Got to fix that tomorrow.

@fatdaddy When I built my first bike, I had an incidence in which it started vibrating so much that I had to stand to ride home comfortably. Got home and realized that there was a mounting nut COMPLETELY GONE! Yeah, so I had ridden home on just the rear mount. No wonder it shook the seat so much. That's all that was holding the little chunk of asian aluminum known as a china girl on the bike. My last frame (which is currently broken) seemed to be build for the motor, as the mounts were almost perfectly aligned. My new frame has a similar shape, but the angles are not quite right, so the rear mount is touching on a ridge, causing the whole thing to vibrate at the slightest loosening of any motor mount bold. It's time to get some JB Weld.

@GearNut: Yeah, Tesla rocks. Don't know if I've heard that album though. Nikola Tesla studied mechanical resonance alot. Makes sense now.
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