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Default Re: grubee skyhawk 66/80cc

Originally Posted by wan37 View Post
I think I was blessed but I bought a grubee in 20011 it was a 2010 model with the cns carb and it's all I need.I got the cns carb running great just a few little tweets like the float.I also mix my fuel at 32 to1.I bet it's got atleast 2000 miles on it.She still to this day fires with one kick of pedals.It's a 48cc .I have seen and got a 80cc which can't beat me on the 48cc.I havn't done no mods to it but plug wire ,and plug,bolts.The oil mixture I think is the key.I hope this helps.
I bought my current engine in late 2009, had it on another bike I had for sale. Well, That's about the time the economy tanked so it never got sold and I just rode it around for a while. It was an OCC chopper build and just too hard of a ride for me. So I got a 2011 Cranbrook and slapped everything on that. It starts with 2 kicks of the pedals when cold, 1/2 kick when warmed up.
and unless your 49CC bike can do close to 40mph I don't think you could touch me. I ride at least 35mph everywhere I go. My average ride is a 20 or 30 mile round trip. Heck, My girlfriends place is 14 miles from my house.
But I KNOW yer right about one thing, The oil mix is the key, go just a little on the heavy side on it. Your entire engine depends on getting the lubrication it needs from the mix. 2 oz. of synthetic may be great for a clean burning, fast running top end. But I don't see how that could be enough to get enough oil to those chinese bearings. I figure they need all the help they can get. So I use REAL oil, (the cheap stuff,) and run it a little heavy. I don't really keep track, but I know I have well over 2000 miles on it, no problems.
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