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Default Re: grubee skyhawk 66/80cc

I really don't know what everybody is doing to that poor little girl from china to make her blow up like that. I have made even the cheapo 2 strokes last a very long time. In fact. I've NEVER melted rings to the cylinder or spun a bearing in any of my personal bikes. Now I've fixed a lot of other peoples bikes, customers and friends bikes, with all of the problems described at one time or another on this forum. I think the big difference is maintenence. Before I even install any chinese 2 stroke I make very sure all the points that need grease get grease. i.e. clutch and bevel gear, clutch arm, Bucking bar and bearing, ect. Then I run very heavy on the mix for break in. Even after that I run 3 1/2 or 4 oz, 2 stroke oil per gallon.(I use the cheap stuff,) I know it's a little heavy, but like I said, I've NEVER blown an engine. Perhaps this is where I should say, Knock on wood. I'm either the luckiest guy in the entire world or what I've been doing is working. I think most people run as close to the edge as possible on the mix, thinking that it'll improve performance. And it just might, a little. I think what you give up in trade is longevity. Engines LOVE oil. You can use too little and pay for it. Too much oil will never hurt your engine. It may not run at it's best and smoke some if using WAY TOO MUCH, but your engine will be fine and won't blow up because of it. I love my china girl.( And she say's she loves me too, But I think she's seeing a 4 stroke when I'm not around.)
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