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Default Re: grubee skyhawk 66/80cc

The bottom line is the final step in the quality control department for china 2-strokes is YOU...
No matter where you buy your motor you're probably gonna need to have the ability to work on it, either making sure things are right before you run it or fixing it when it breaks. Some people crank on Grubee and say they are the worst, but if you watch the forum you will see the same sort of complaints about these motors no matter where you buy them. One good thing about buying a "name brand" 2-stroke is you know what parts will fit it. If you don't know exactly who made your motor buying replacement parts may be a crap shoot. Parts to repair/maintain these motors are pretty cheap, but there are some small differences that make all the difference in whether they will work or not in your motor.
As for the carbs, I have the CNS V2 and have been very happy with it. Sure I had to adjust the float to get her running right but that was just an afternoon in the shop, 2000 miles later she still runs great! I haven't run the new V3 carb, I hear the air mix screw is capped off, but you can pry/drill the cap off to access the screw below still. The air/mix screw was a set and forget for me, not something I have needed to mess with and not particularly fussy on the setting either. I also hear the V3 needle only has one slot, thats a bigger bummer, not sure if the 5-slot needle from earlier versions will work in V3 but you can always make your own slots in the needle if need be. In my experience with the CNS carb I think you should be able to get her running decent enough with just doing a float adjustment to match your bike...

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