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Default Re: grubee skyhawk 66/80cc

Originally Posted by fatdaddy View Post
{I'm just waiting for somebody to set up their own tooling for one of these engines, then make them with good quality metals and parts. Of course, that would then probably cost as much as a four stroke. Still, a bullet proof china girl would be AWESOME!}

Can ya even use "bullet proof" and "China girl" in the same sentence?
I think there's a law about that somewhere.
If you see it in the long run a 4 stroke is way cheaper. I have lost so much money just trying to keep the 2 stroke running. If I knew it before I would have bought a 4 stroke right away.

Its like with Pc and Mac. People say Macs are expensive when they are totally not - especially in the long run.

As for the laws in PR. Not even the cops really know, but 90% of them are pretty cool about those bikes. They just want to take a look and take a picture. Especially if you talk back in english they take off pretty fast because they are afraid to talk english for the most part. But this thing now is an extreme bike. I dont know whats gonna happen with this one but I guess I will see haha
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