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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Rode it to an MRI appointment today. I've got a loose pedal chain, so I had to take off running and hop on. I stuck to a route that would allow me to go pretty much non-stop, so I made it there and back alright. Lots of fun.

Take-off was a little sluggish, and I was four-stroking a lot, so I did a plug chop and found that I was running too rich. Leaned her out by one notch and voila, the low-end was back.

Started getting vibrational cut-outs near 25mph, so I tightened up the motor mounts. It's amazing what 1/8 of a bolt turn can do for top speed! After the mounts were tightened I was able to cruise at about 28. I like how there are vibrational sweet spots. 24-27mph vibrates like crazy, then you get to 28 and it hits a sweet spot from there to 30. Still a lot more vibration than when driving around 20mph, but way smoother than the rough speeds. The vibration/speed ratios were different with the same kit on another fram, so I guess it's all about mechanical resonance, which is one of my favorite subjects.
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