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Default Re: Questions about building my first motorized bicycle!

Welcome to the forum!

bikeberry has earned a bad reputation as of lately.
I would not recommend them.
I do recommend thatsdax though.

I highly doubt that an engine will fit into that frame, but without looking at it personally, you might be able to squeeze one in there? Somewhere around this site are the recommended minimum frame dimensions. I'll look for them.

Don't use a front wheel and try to attach sprockets to it. You are only creating a big headache for yourself.
You have better options.

Get a standard rear wheel and spin on a single speed rear pedal side sprocket and use a PITA rubber mount rear engine sprocket.

Get a coaster brake single speed rear wheel and use the PITA rubber mount rear engine sprocket.

Get a coaster brake single speed rear wheel and use a Howard sprocket adapter, Sportscarpat adapter, MM adapter, or one of the recent MM knockoff adapters.

Get a rear wheel with a hub made for a disc brake and spin on a single speed pedal side sprocket and use either an adapter to bolt on a standard engine kit sprocket to the disc mount or a sprocket made to attach directly to the disc mount.

Get an SBP jackshaft kit and use whatever rear wheel you want and use the pedal chain only.
Warning: Alot of the internal geared rear hubs cannot take the abuse that an engine and SBP jackshaft puts them through.

Above all, Get better brakes, front and rear!.
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