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Question Questions about building my first motorized bicycle!

Hi! Before i start i just want to say this will be my first motorized bike build (and my first forum post!). The reason i want to build a motor-bicycle is just for fun, not transportation, mostly just to mess with the simple little motor.

-I was looking at this motor kit to buy, any comments/suggestions on this kit or a different or better kit to buy? ( i want to use a two stroke common little 66cc chinese motor and plan to port, pollish, and modify the little thing as much as possible, just want to make sure you guys think this is a good starting point)
also considering this :
and this:

-This is the bike i have, you guys think the engine kit would fit on this easily? i think it would make a great looking motorized bicycle! I plan to mount the gas gas tank under the top bar of the frame, cut the frame part that the seat goes into 2 inches to lower the seat even more, and maybe reinforce the pieces holding the fenders (they seem a little too flimsy for my liking).
does this bike look like an engine kit would fit no problem? heres a closer picture of where the kit would be mounted:

also, it has a 3 speed hub, with shifter on the right hand bar, i was wondering if i could just get a new front wheel from the company, put it on the back, and put a small sprocket on there to make it a single gear to the pedals, and get rid of the shifting? just to make things simpler, as i would just be pedaling to start the bike really (or if i could somehow switch it around and have it attached to the motor chain so i could shift the bike that would be awesome)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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