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Default Re: Welcoming myself back

Welcome back Jim!

What were your issues with the Jaguar and Stinger that you were unhappy with? The Jaguar is as good quality or better than the Cranbrook, so with the same setup you will be likely equally as disappointed.

Hopefully your issues were just with situations that can be fixed with simple upgrades or modifications. One of the first things I did when I got my kit was waste a day trying to get the rag joint right, put it in a box, set it on fire, then ordered a hub adapter... LOL. If I had to rely on the rag joint, I would have given up long before I did (I blew up my motor).

The clutches on these little motors are super simple, and should be easy enough to sort out. Mine needed the main spring tightened waaaaaay over what it came from the factory at in order to stop the clutch slipping when hot. So much so that it was a chore to pull the clutch lever, which was solved with one of Al.fisherman's awesome clutch rollers. So a $15 part and I was good to go.
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