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Default Hi From 'Tucky

Enough lurking, time to introduce myself.

I got interested after my wife saw someone riding one and said, "LOL - Look at that guy mo-biking!!"

So after reading several posts on this site and learning some lingo, I told my wife that I had become intoxicated with the idea of mounting a china girl and seeing how she purrs.

So after I received my cardboard box from China filled with all sorts of doo dads of questionable quality I went to work, somehow managing to affix most of the parts in, apparently, the correct locations. Had some issues with the rear sprocket alignment (not PERFECTLY centered which caused some slack-tight-slack phenomenon in the chain) - but I got that fixed after several painstaking hours in the cold garage. I upgraded the standard tensioner with one that bridges the divide and attaches at two points on the frame. This way I don't worry about the spool getting sucked into the spokes under torque resulting in a very embarassing and probably painful.....situation.

Now I'm guessing my neighbors are assuming I got a DUI and I am temporarily relegated to using this "alternative" means of transportation. But I'm already a bare-foot runner, so maybe they won't be surprised by my latest quirky idea.

I've been getting AWESOME advice from you all, and so glad to have found this forum. Hopefully I can contribute at some point, and not just leech info from the experts..

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