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Default Re: Choke lever? hard to get going

Originally Posted by tooljunkie View Post
its funny you mention the fuel injection being less complicated.
as an automotive diagnostic technician,i love the simplicity of a carburetor with a manual choke.

i remember in the mid 80's many of the older mechanics quit when EFI stepped into the forefront.
that computerized stuff is gonna be nothin but trouble.
heard that a lot.
Thanks TJ for the support.
But, "it's more reliable". That's what the technos say. Yeah, right, just like electronic ignition. Give me a break. If your techno ride dies on the side of the road and you don't have a trunk full of replacement parts and the knowledge/tools to replace them, you have a boat anchor, not a car.

If my hot rod gives me a problem, I can get it running and get myself home. Ignition is points and condenser, the carb is a simple 4 barrel Holley with an electric choke. I have the knowledge to troubleshoot any problem it can throw at me...and fix it. Let them drop the bomb. My car will still run after the EMP. Will yours?

Electronic fuel injection, solid state ignition? Try rigging one of those to get you home.
Reliable...hahahaha. As reliable as a...well, a computer?

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