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Default Re: Butterscootch Blunder - Don't buy Huffy

I'm simply pointing out that not everyone has, or will have, the same experiences. I did get a good frame for $75, and its lasted me 2 years, so I feel that I got my money's worth, and having this frame has been nothing but a positive experience for me, and therefore I have nothing negative to say about Huffy. My bike may be cheap and chinese, but I would never call it disposable or a toy. There are a lot of people who wont buy a decent frame at a good price because some of the components are substandard quality. I believe it is cheaper to buy a bike at a lower price and upgrade the components than to buy a high end bike that is already equipped with quality components. Plus the fact that I can say I literally built my entire bike from the frame up. Now, if the frame breaks or cracks, thats a different issue altogether. But a bike isnt disposable or cheap just because it has poor quality components. Parts can always be replaced or upgraded. A former member here spoke of a Roadmaster mountain bike on which he busted 3 rear hubs. He then threw the bike away and got a Diamondback. I say, you cant blame busted hubs on the frame, so why trash the frame when you are having a mechanical problem? Mechanical issues can always be fixed, and other than structural issues, a bike is only as good as its mechanic. Doesnt matter where it came from, where it was bought, how much it cost.
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