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Default Re: Butterscootch Blunder - Don't buy Huffy

I figured I would ruffle a few Huffy fans feathers with my observations much like there are people that still say the Corvair was the best engineered car ever and the 1973 Ford Pinto was safe in rear impact accident.

Huffy was nothing like the above examples when they were made in the US, and even the brief time they were made in Canada and Mexico they were still quality components, just cheaper labor, like 200% less than the Ohio union workers wanted.

When they went to China for even cheaper labor they fell into the cheaper materials black hole and without Wallyworld type companies ordering thousands of bikes a month the once proud American Made Huffy bicycle became and still are a cheap disposable Chinese kids toy.

If you have some time read up on the Huffy history, it marked not just the change in a bicycle company but the whole change and end of an era in US Manufacturing with impacts felt far from the thousands directly effected by Huffy closing down their plant and outsourcing.

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
I have a Huffy Cranbrook...
I have upgraded the wheels to a heavy duty rear rim of unknown brand with a Shimano clone coaster hub and 12g spokes...
If I could afford to have the frame gusseted, I would do that, and I think it would last for an incredibly long time.
Well sure, like another comment above about completely tearing every new bike or even motor apart and rebuilding it, it is time and maybe some new parts, and not what came out of the box.

I figure there are 3 types of us builders in how we go about a build.

Those that go as cheap and as fast as they can to be done and riding and worry about failures down the road.

Those with skills that enjoy the building as much as the riding and tend to make better bikes be it on a tight budget or not, and tend to always be tinkering because they like to.

And those with a nice budget and the skills to build a good solid safe bike in short order trusting the parts you buy and the way you install them and not make it a long term project.

Whichever type of builder you are know what you want from the the most important part, the bicycle itself, and don't expect something good at Wallyworld for $88 regardless of the name on it.

Hey, just my experienced warnings, heed 'em or leave 'em, I share things like this because when I first started it was posts like this right here on this forum that got me on the right track to start with so I am just passing it forward with a little more added.
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