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Default Re: My new clutch actuator

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd add some feedback on Jim, his shop, the C.A. kit, and future mods that'll be manifesting out of his head and his shop.

First off, Jim is awesome. He's not far from me so I went to his shop after he invited me over with the intention of picking up one of his actuator kits. After opening the box, I was absolutely impressed with the quality. This will be the first purchase after the motor on every bike I build. Jim and I talked bikes and mods for about an hour. He's as stoked about motorized bicycles as I am. He's an excellent machinist. We were discussing the performance of the HT motors, and he showed me the flaws after we walked over to a motor he had all apart, laid out on a work table. He told me the weights on the crank shaft are the key limitation to the redline of these 2 strokes. The one he had on the table was 15,000ths out of round and way out of balance. Jim plans to make a billet replacement that will enable these motors to rev past 10,000 rpm's and make gobs more power. (read 45+mph attainable, maybe more) As soon as he has one made I'm getting one to R&D the heck out of. I'll be flogging it thoroughly.
These won't be the last things we see from Jim and his shop for our bikes.
It's about time someone has the tools, drive, and know-how to take these HT's to the next level. I highly recommend his Clutch Actuator Kit. It makes the clutch feel almost as if it is hyrdraulic like a motorcycle.

Best $28 I've spent in a long time.

Keep up the good work, Jimbo.

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